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Triangle Vegetarian Society

We're Getting a New Logo!

Current LogoWe are hoping to have a streamlined website redesign in 2008 and were very lucky, on December 6, 2007, to win a free logo design by the kind folks at LogoBee.com. Our current logo (shown at right) harkens back to the days when we had a hardcopy newsletter called "The Grapevine".

Below are some designs, including what they would look like reduced and photocopied in grayscale, that we are considering - please feel free to send any feedback to Dilip. (Samples, or logos that you know and that move you - positively or negatively - may inspire some additional ideas.)

Some design ideas that we have put forward include:

Draft Logos


Please feel free to send any feedback to Dilip.

Logos shown here are all drafts. These logos and design ideas are the property of LogoBee and posted with their permission. All Rights Reserved.