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TVS Thanksgiving 2007
Raffle Prizes

We currently have 129 prizes worth $4542!
$25 gift certificate from Cafe Parizade, Durham

$25 gift certificate from Verde, Durham

$25 gift certificate from George's Garage, Durham

$25 gift certificate from Vin Rouge, Durham

$25 gift certificate from Spice Street, Chapel Hill

$25 gift certificate from Sage Vegetarian Cafe, Chapel Hill

(2) $25 gift certificate from Tower South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant, Morrisville

$25 gift certificate for dinner for two at Sitar India Restaurant, Durham

$30 gift certificate from Margaret's Cantina, Chapel Hill

(2) Two $10 gift certificates from Neomonde Bakery & Deli, Raleigh and Morrisville (each prize worth $20)

Dinner for two from Lilly's Pizza, Raleigh (worth $30)

(3) Two coupons, each good for a sandwich, salad, or "you-pick-two" combo at any Triangle-area Panera Bread (each prize worth $14)

 Gift certificate for two entrees, each serving 4-6 people, at Vegetarian Home Dinners (, 919-286-9530) (worth $42)

(2) 13 coupons each for a small gourmet frozen "locopop" Mexican paleta of any flavor from Locopops, Durham (each prize worth $20)

$10 gift certificate at Francesca's Dessert Caffe

$20 in gift certificates from Planet Smoothie

$50 gift cert. for shopping at Weaver Street Market or dining at Panzanella Restaurant, Carrboro

$25 gift certificate from Whole Foods Market, Durham

Gift certificate for an 8" specialty cake from Once in a Blue Moon Bakery and Cafe, Cary

Mini-wheel (8 ounce) of Blue Style Sheese and Tub (9 ounce) of Cheddar Creamy Sheese imported by Black Duck Imports from Bute Island Foods, Scotland (worth $18)

Mini-wheel (8 ounce) of Medium Cheddar Style Sheese and Tub (9 ounce) of Mexican Creamy Sheese imported by Black Duck Imports from Bute Island Foods, Scotland (worth $18)

Mini-wheel (8 ounce) of Cheddar with Chives Style Sheese and Tub (9 ounce) of Original Creamy Sheese imported by Black Duck Imports from Bute Island Foods, Scotland (worth $18)

(4)'s international vegetarian restaurant discount card (value $14.95, $10.95 for TVS members)

(2) Half-case of mixed products from Field Roast Grain Meat Company (each prize worth $45)

Tofurky Vegetarian Feast from Turtle Island Foods (worth $25)

(2) Half case of Tofurky Variety pack of Deli Slices (each prize worth $20)

(10) One bag of each flavor (natural, herbal, grilled, and buffalo) grilled artichoke heart "Artihearts" from Monterey Farms (each prize worth $32)

$50 gift certificate from The Mail Order Catalog / Harvest Direct

$25 gift certificate from Vegan Essentials

(3) 4 bags (one of each flavor - Multigrain, Olive, JalapeƱo, and Chocolate) of Food Should Taste Good tortilla chips (each prize worth $12)

(4) 2 bags of Amy E's Bakery vegan biscotti (each prize worth $11)

Green Gift Basket with 1 pack of each flavor of handmade artisan vegan cookies from Liz Lovely (worth $35)

Gold Round Gift Basket sampler of Chocolate Decadence vegan chocolates (worth $25)

48 5g Squares Dark mixed gift box by Sharffen Berger Chocolate (worth $28)

Large gift basket of Rainforest Cacao Chocolate and other treats from Living Foods (worth $75)

Gift basket of mixed organic coffees and coffee rubs from JAVA-GOURMET (worth $40)

Gift basket from Larry's Beans Organic Fair-Trade Coffee (worth $50)

3 jars all-natural gourmet peanut butter (smooth, dark chocolate, and spicy) and a cookbook from The Peanut Butter & Co (worth $34)

3 jars all-natural gourmet peanut butter (crunchy, white chocolate, and cinnamon raisin) from The Peanut Butter & Co (worth $17)

(2) Gift certificate for a potted orchid in bloom from The Orchid Trail (each prize worth $25)

(5) 5# organic non-animal Yum Yum Mix fertilizer from Soil Mender Products (each prize worth $10)

Gift basket of Tom's of Maine products (worth $40)

(2) Gift box of five plant-based natural "pedal powered" soaps mixed by bicycle by Just Soap (each prize worth $16)

Awaken Body Lotion and Rejuvenating Mist certified vegan botanical products from Arbonne International

Gift assortment of organic certified cruelty-free vegan aromatherapy and body care products by Earthly Good (worth $34)

(2) 2 Handmade lavender and flax eye pillows for relaxation, handmade by yoga instructor Mary Ann Iannacchione (each prize worth $20)

Collection of cruelty-free gift items from PETA (worth $50)

$300 gift certificate for two hours of Nutritional Assessment and Counseling from Mary Gross of Nutritional Perspectives

 "Just for the Health of It" cooking class from Jodi O'Neill (worth $45)

Free basic yoga session and instructional DVD "Flowing Gentle Path Yoga" from Yoga for Joy, by Joy Anandi (worth $55)

Free advanced yoga session and instructional CD "Flowing Gentle Path Yoga" from Yoga for Joy, by Joy Anandi (worth $45)

Free yoga class from Yoga Spot (worth $15)

$30 gift certificate from Fleet Feet Sports, Raleigh

 Foot massage and reflexology session by Victoria Casey, NC Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist (worth $60)

Kinesiology Goal Balancing Session from Larry Green of the U.S. Kinesiology Institute (worth $100)

$350 gift certificate toward a portrait session with Tamara Lackey Photography

Portrait and 16"x20" print by Mark Jacoby Photography (worth $250)

(3) Premium portrait session and 11"x14" print by Bluehat Studios (each prize worth $125)

Portrait by Vibrant Memories Photography (worth $150)

$50 gift certificate toward dance or movement classes at Ninth Street Dance

Gift certificate from American Dance Festival for two tickets to any performance in the 2008 season (except Thursdays) (worth $72)

Gift certificate from Carolina Ballet for two tickets to one of five shows in 2007-8 season (worth $45)

Two tickets to Friday, Dec. 14, Cary Players' 7:30 pm performance of "A Christmas Story", donated by anonymous Thanksgiving attendees (worth $24)

"Animal Songs" and "Living in Harmony with All Life" CDs by Will Tuttle, donated by Will Tuttle (worth $20)

3-CD set "Global Voices: Traditional, Sacred, and Contemporary Vocal Music" by Bob Haddad of Music of the World (worth $40)

(5) Gift pack of 3 CDs each by Bob Haddad of Music of the World (each prize worth $45)

Tom Regan's "Empty Cages", signed and donated by the author (worth $15)

Tom Regan's "Animal Rights, Human Wrongs", signed and donated by the author (worth $15)

Charles Patterson's "Eternal Treblinka" (worth $20)

Charles Patterson's new novel, "Last Rites" (worth $16)

Rynn Berry's "Hitler: Neither Vegetarian Nor Animal Lover" and "The Vegan Guide to New York City-2007" (worth $21)

Rynn Berry's "Famous Vegetarians & Their Favorite Recipes" and "The Vegan Guide to New York City-2007" (worth $27)

 (6) Pravin Shah's "Essence of World Religions" and "The Book of Compassion", donated by Pravin Shah of Jain Center of NC (each prize worth $7)

Dorothy H. Hayes' novel "Animal Instinct", signed and donated by Dorothy H. Hayes (worth $16)

"The Lifelong Activist: How to Change the World without Losing Your Way" by Hillary Rettig, donated by Lantern Books (worth $20)

"The Longest Struggle: Animal Advocacy from Pythagoras to PETA" by Norm Phelps, donated by Lantern Books (worth $20)

"Bird Flu" by Michael Greger, MD, donated by Lantern Books (worth $30)

Mollie Katzen's new book (Oct. 2007), Vegetable Dishes I Can't Live Without" by Hyperion books (worth $23)

Fran Costigan's "More Great Good Dairy-Free Desserts Naturally" by The Book Publishing Company (worth $20)

Rose Lee Calabro's "Living in the Raw: Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle" by The Book Publishing Company (worth $20)

Richard Rose and Brigitte Mars' "Hemp Nut Cookbook" by The Book Publishing Company (worth $17)

(2) Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina's "Becoming Vegan" by The Book Publishing Company (each prize worth $18)

"Bizarro and Other Strange Manifestations of the Art of Dan Piraro", signed and donated by the author, Bizarro cartoonist Dan Piraro, who is vegan (worth $25)

Books and t-shirt from Quail Ridge Books & Music, Raleigh (worth $85)

1-year subscription to "Endurance" magazine and a performance-gear hat, donated by the publisher, Steve Lackey (worth $40)

$25 gift certificate from Ten Thousand Villages in Cameron Village, Raleigh 200 people (the first 33 or so at each seating) will get free toothpaste from Tom's of Maine

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