Thanksgiving 2005
Payment Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the major changes from previous years?
A: To reduce long lines on Thanksgiving Day, we now require prepayment for this event by November 22. We are unable to provide a full or partial refund, so please have reasonably firm plans before you make a reservation!

Q: What is the price?
A: The all-inclusive price is $20 for current TVS members, $23 for other adults, and $9 for children aged 5-10; children younger than 5 eat for free.

Q: Since prepayment is required, what are my options for prepaying?
A: Option #1: Pay by check - After your reservation has been made online or by phone, mail a check to TVS Thanksgiving, P.O. Box 3364, Chapel Hill, NC 27515-3364. Please ensure that the name/address used to make the reservation is included in your envelope, so that we can match your payment with your reservation, and please mention Thanksgiving in the memo of the check.

Option #2: Pay by credit card - Make your reservation online, and then call Martin Blazevich at 919-416-1937 and provide him with your credit card information. Or, if you don't want to make an online reservation, call Martin and provide him with your complete reservation information as well as credit card details. We'll need the name on the credit card as well as your phone number if you choose to pay by credit card.

Q: Once I make a reservation, can I change it later?
A: Sorry, no. Just as when you buy a ticket for a performance, the ticket is not refundable. But it is transferrable - just contact us (by email or phone) to let us know to whom we should transfer the reservation.

Q: If I want to renew my membership or join TVS in order to pay the lower cost for Thanksgiving, how does that work?
A: Your membership must be current on Thanksgiving Day for you to pay the lower member cost for your meal. If you renew your membership or join TVS when you prepay for the event, you can pay the lower member price; you will need to print off the membership form (the form will open in a new window) and mail in a check for your membership. If you want to prepay for your Thanksgiving meal using a check, you can use the same check to cover your membership payment. If you want to prepay for your Thanksgiving meal with a credit card, you will still need to mail in a check for your membership.

Q: I'm unsure if my membership will be current on Thanksgiving Day. How can I confirm this?
A: You can email Dilip to confirm your membership status.

Q: Can I call Cafe Parizäde directly and give them my credit card number?
A: No - Cafe Parizäde is requiring TVS to take credit card numbers.

Q: Can I hold off on giving anyone my credit card number and just bring my credit card to the Thanksgiving event?
A: No - we need to make sure that the seats are paid for ahead of time, and therefore we'll need your credit card information at the time you make your reservation.

Q: Can I come without making a reservation and pay by cash or check the day of the event?
A: If space is available, we'll be happy to accommodate you. The cost will be $25 for TVS members and non-member adults, and $9 for children.

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