Thanksgiving 2000
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How should I dress?

A: If the past is any judge, expect to see people dressed neatly. Some will be in suit and tie, many will be in more casual but neat attire.

Q: Is it okay to come alone?

A: Absolutely! We'll have folks with TVS making sure you're comfortable and can certainly help to seat you and introduce you to others.

Q: What can I expect at the event?

A: Besides great food in a superb restaurant, we'll have a raffle, a table with free product samples and information about vegetarianism, and the opportunity to relax afterwards at a nearby TVS member's home. The press is often at our Thanksgiving Feast, so don't be surprised to see a TV camera or two, or a newspaper reporter.

Q: Do we have the restaurant to ourselves?

A: Cafe Parizäde will be open to the general public, but TVS has a separate (and very lovely!) room in the back of the restaurant.

Q: How many people will be at the TVS Thanksgiving?

A: We expect 100-120.

Q: How does the raffle work?

A: We have many generous donors who have donated gifts to TVS, including cases of food products, books, gift certificates for area businesses, t-shirts, various services, and much more. Many of these donations value $25-50. Please visit the raffle page to see the many gifts and do visit the companies who've donated on the web with the links we have provided. We will sell raffle tickets for $1 apiece and draw for these prizes around 2:30 or 3p.

Q: Are my chances good to win a prize in the raffle?

A: We expect over 70 raffle prizes; check the raffle page to see details. We sold 238 raffle tickets in 1999, but can't predict sales for this year.

Q: I can't attend but would like to enter the raffle. Can I?

A: Yes. You can buy tickets by contacting Dilip Barman at anytime before the event and arranging to buy tickets. For each dollar, we'll enter one ticket with your name on the back of the ticket. If you win any prizes, we'll set them aside for you and contact you to make arrangements so you can get them.

Q: I am planning on coming but will also be attending another Thanksgiving event after I eat. What happens if I leave early and miss the raffle drawing after I enter?

A: See the previous question. When you buy tickets, if you think you may not be here for the drawing, please write your name and phone number on the back of each ticket you enter. We'll contact you for any prizes that you may have won. Please note that if we draw a ticket and the winner isn't there and there is no name on the back, we'll simply draw again.

Q: I have something that I would like to donate to the raffle. Can I?

A: Yes; please contact Dilip Barman at before Thanksgiving.

Q: What does vegan mean?

A: The food at the event will all be vegan, which means that no animal products will have been used. There will be no meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, or honey in any of the dishes, and we also won't have any refined sugar. If you're new to veganism or vegetarianism, you may be surprised at how delicious and diverse our menu is!

Q: Why vegan?

A: This event is hosted by the Triangle Vegetarian Society, and we invite you to browse our links section and other resources for more context. Not only is veganism great for the environment, human health, and the animals, but also we want to ensure that most vegetarians will be comfortable eating anything at the Feast and to showcase to the public how easy and exciting vegan food is!

Q: What is TVS?

A: The Triangle Vegetarian Society was founded in 1986 to promote the nutritional, ethical, ane environmental aspects of vegetarianism. TVS is an active group with monthly potlucks and restaurant reviews, as well as many special events like our Thanksgiving Feast. We encourage membership not just for vegetarians, but for all who have an interest in any aspect of vegetarianism.

Q: Do I have to be a member of TVS to come?

A: Absolutely not; in 1999, for example, about half of the attendees were members. But if you decide to become a member (which you can do at the door), you can pay the lower member price for the Feast.

Q: I'm a member of TVS but my membership is due for renewal. Can I pay the member's price?

A: Yes you can, if you renew your membership before or at the event.

Q: Can I pay by check? Credit card?

A: We prefer cash. We are happy to take checks for membership. Sorry, we can't take credit cards.

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