Thanksgiving 2000
Feast and Raffle with Prizes
at Cafe Parizäde

TVS had its annual Thanksgiving feast and generous raffle with 86 prizes at one of Dilip's favorite Triangle restaurants, Cafe Parizäde in Durham. Parizäde is one of the Triangle's finest restaurants with a gourmet flair for fresh ingredients with Mediterranean influences. A press release for the event is available online, as is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. You can also view several pictures that were taken at the event in the Photo Album! Prices for the Thanksgiving meal were $18.50 for current members, $22.00 for other adults, and $9.00 for children aged 5-10; children younger than 5 could eat for free.

Diners began their feast with a Fall Antipasto Buffet Table featuring wheatberry salad with maple vinaigrette, arugula and carmalized pear salad, fall lettuces with pumpkin seed-cider dressing, spinach orzo, roasted red pepper salad, garlicky greens and garbanzo beans, citrus couscous with dried fruits, braised portabello mushrooms with thyme and cinnamon, grilled asparagus, roasted fall vegetables, grilled corn with herbs, breads, crustinis and pita with walnut and red lentil hummuses, and marinated olives.

Main courses included Morrocan sweet potato tagine, basil-roasted garlic whipped potatoes, and Turkish rice pilaf with almonds, cinnamon, and saffron. Grilled and seasoned tofu was served with apple-walnut stuffing, braised wheat gluten, sweet onion gravy, and fresh raspberry-cranberry relish. Semolina penne pasta with fresh tomato-basil sauce, savory bread pudding, baked lima beans, and country cornbread were also available. Dessert included fresh seasonal fruits, phyllo cookies, pumpkin pie, and apple and cherry crisps. All the food was strictly vegan with no animal, egg or dairy products. No honey or white sugar was used.

We again had a generous raffle with prizes ranging from gift certificates from area businesses to cases of whole food products, fine vegan chocolates, non-animal gardening fertilizers, and much more. Check out the complete list of 86 raffle prizes! After the meal, we had a reception at the home of member Michael Pocinki.

Thanksgiving was a big success! People had nothing but high praise for the delicious vegan meal that Chef Robert put together, and the staff at Cafe Parizäde was professional and helpful, as always. We had 40 members, 56 non-member adults, and about half a dozen children in attendance. We sold 368 raffle tickets, and many people went home with at least one of the 86 raffle prizes. We made it to at least 3, if not all 4, of the area evening news programs. It was gratifying to see how much everybody, including a number of non-vegetarians, had fun and enjoyed the food!

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