Vegetarian Thanksgiving Feast and Raffle

Reservation Process

We will again use a "lottery" style system for reservations in 2023. As described below, we hope that this lottery system will make the reservation process less stressful and more fair to all. There will be a separate lottery for each event. (Hope to attend both events? Just complete a separate reservation form for each.)

Reservation period opens = Saturday, November 4, 2023 at 11:30 AM

Reservation period closes = Monday, November 6, 2023 at 11:30 AM

There's no rush to request your reservation – as long as you submit your reservation request during this reservation period, you'll have the same opportunity as others to attend.

To be fair to all, duplicate reservation requests for the same guest(s) are not permitted, and could result in your exclusion from future Thanksgiving events. If you want to come, please be part of only one reservation request per event.

Payment is required at the time you request your reservation. You will be directed to make an online payment through PayPal for the requested seats (checks are not accepted).

How does the lottery work?

On the reservation request form, you will be asked to rank order your preferred seating times. You will also rank inside vs outside seating options. You can identify times/seating options that will not work for your party.

After the reservation period closes, the lottery will be run. The reservation program will generate a random number to determine which party will be "first in line" to have its reservation request fulfilled. The program will then go "down the line" in the order that reservations were received, and try to assign each party to a seating time. When the last reservation received during the lottery period is reached, the program will "wrap around" to the first reservation received, and continue assigning parties to seating times until the restaurant has reached capacity.

Because the party that will be "first in line" will be chosen randomly, there will be no benefit to reserving early in the reservation period, late in the reservation period, or at any other time during the reservation period.

After the lottery has run, you will receive an email confirmation either way. Parties that were assigned a seating time will be sent an email indicating that time. Parties that we could not accommodate will also be notified; these parties' payments will be refunded.

If you wish, you will be able to renew your TVS membership or sign up for a new membership on the reservation form.

Why are we using a lottery process?

A lottery reservation process helps us avoid several issues:

  • people having technical problems with reservations or payments and having only minutes to resolve any such problems before the event becomes full
  • pressure on people to be ready at the very moment that we open for reservations
  • pressure to get all of the reservation details entered quickly.

We wish that everybody could attend but realize that more people will want to come than we can accommodate. We hope that this lottery system will make the reservation process less stressful and more fair to all.