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Restaurant Review


(out of 5.0)
Veg. Sensitivity2.8

Note: When reviewed, the restaurant was located at 5800 Glenwood Ave. It moved to Leland Dr in December, 2008. Additional locations - see their website.

3002 Leland Dr

Raleigh, NC 27616


Review Date: January 12, 2007

Reviewers: John Davis, Jody Hamilton-Davis, Beth L. Michael P., Lucy M., Amanda N., John M., Tara B., John R., Ron N.

Author(s): John Davis and Jody Hamilton-Davis

Ten of us dined at Ragazzi's on a Friday evening. Ragazzi's is a fairly large Italian restaurant, and we had no trouble being seated. The ambiance is pleasant, although we were disappointed that there was a smoking section. The smoke, however, did not bother us where we were seated.

Our experience at Ragazzi's was mixed. The restaurant is not geared towards vegetarians, although vegetarians can have a good meal there, if careful. Meals at Ragazzi's begin with complimentary salad and breadsticks. The salad comes with house dressing, which is NOT vegetarian; it includes anchovies. We asked for the salad without the house dressing and ordered other dressings in place of it. The complimentary breadsticks served are vegetarian, with a buttery coating. The breadsticks are served with a tomato sauce. Be sure to request marinara sauce, as their regular tomato sauce includes pork. They made an order of breadsticks without the butter for the vegans among us.

There are a few pasta dishes at Ragazzi's which are vegetarian and vegan. Their marinara and pizziola sauces are vegan and can be served over a variety of vegan pastas including angel hair, spaghetti, linguini, fettuccine and penne. They also offer linguini with olive oil and garlic. One of our reviewers ordered the linguini with olive oil and garlic and described it as 'pretty bland.' He said it was improved by adding marinara sauce to the dish. The pizziola sauce includes mushrooms, onions and peppers in a sweet, tomato sauce. Another reviewer had penne primavera, and found the sauce a little watery. Several people had various pastas with the marinara sauce, and those were generally rated good although no one gave their meal the highest rating.

In summary, Ragazzi's has a variety of pasta dishes, which can be ordered vegan. Our waiter was attentive and careful about our needs as vegetarians. Be sure your wait person knows about your dietary restrictions if you go to Ragazzi's. We found them accommodating, although not always knowledgeable about vegetarian issues.