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Restaurant Review

Spotted Dog

(out of 5.0)
Veg. Sensitivity4.9

111 E Main St

Carrboro, NC 27510

Review Date: May 18, 2007

Reviewers: John Davis, Jody Hamilton-Davis, Ricki Z., Beth Levine, Figen T., Michael Pocinki, Lucy Moore, Elaine S., Christine S., Dick H.

Author(s): John Davis and Jody Hamilton-Davis

We went to the Spotted Dog on a busy Friday evening. The restaurant is in a long narrow brick building on Main Street in Carrboro, where it splits from Weaver Street. The atmosphere is somewhat pub like, with a large bar, brick walls with pictures of dogs, ceiling fans and a tin roof. Several of the reviewers complained the music (mostly 70's bands such as CCR) was too loud.

There are mostly four-person booths due to the triangular shape of the restaurant. There were ten of us and we were seated near the front door at four tall pub style tables, two tables on each side of the entryway, which prevented us from talking with each other. There is no smoking allowed during dinner hours, but since we were seated by the front, we got a whiff of smoke pretty much every time the door opened. Since there was no smoking inside, people went out front to smoke.

Our waitress introduced herself and identified herself as a vegan and offered to answer any questions we had about the menu. There was a good variety of vegetarian options, most of which could be made vegan. Their offerings include sandwiches, pastas, Mexican entrees and salads.

One of the reviewers had Sundried Tomato Pesto Pasta (not vegan) with a side of grilled tofu, and described it having fabulous seasoning, with great flavors and texture. A reviewer who ordered the veggie burger (also not vegan) described it as filling but a little bland. The vegan barbecue on the other hand was called spicy and flavorful. A few reviewers ordered Mexican dishes and tended to disagree on how flavorful they were, with the quesoydilla described as fairly plain but the vegetarian chimichangas were called "tasty". Everyone who ordered them enjoyed the salads, and the Spotted Dog has a good variety of dressings, all of which are vegetarian with several vegan choices.

We were most disappointed to discover there were no vegan desserts the night we were there. They offer a water-based sorbet, but it has egg in it.

The Spotted Dog is an excellent casual dining choice for vegetarians. The menu helpfully denotes the vegetarian options. Our server was helpful and knowledgeable about our needs. The reviewers almost all were positive about the menu choices, and almost everyone rated what they ordered at 4 or above.