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Restaurant Review

Jujube Restaurant

(out of 5.0)
Veg. Sensitivity4.6

1201-L Raleigh Rd

Glen Lennox Shopping Center (next to BIN 54)

Hwy 54 at 15-501

Chapel Hill, NC 27514


Review Date: January 18, 2008

Reviewers: John Davis, Jody Hamilton-Davis, Susan P., John C., Ricki Z., Kristine L., Vinaya P., Beth L., Kirk N., April S., Lucy Moore, Michael Pocinki, Tara B., Christine S., Amanda Newman

Author(s): John Davis and Jody Hamilton-Davis

We went to Jujube on a Friday evening. Jujube is located in the Glen Lennox Shopping Center in Chapel Hill. The restaurant is warm and inviting, and they were very welcoming to us. The chef had kindly made a vegetarian polenta dish for us as one of the evening's specials, but unfortunately it was not vegan and none of us ordered it. They brought us a complimentary vegan treat in between courses, a "pop rock" sparkling cucumber salad in a soup spoon, which everyone enjoyed.

Jujube describes itself as almost Asian, a modern restaurant rooted in the flavors of China and Vietnam. The dining room is ample, and we were seated in a room just off of the dining room, separated with sheer curtains. The room was a little warm the night we were there. Everyone enjoyed having a private room, and it was very quiet, allowing easy conversation. The walls were colorful, with shades of mango, papaya and sage, and art tastefully displayed.

Jujube has a limited menu, which includes a vegan noodle dish, two vegan entrees made with soy chicken, several vegetarian appetizers, and a good selection of beer and wine. We tried several appetizers, including sweet potato fritters with black vinegar sauce; spicy oyster mushroom curry soup with coconut milk; chili, lime, and cilantro fresh salad rolls; and shiitake, carrot, and soy "chicken" dumplings.

Everyone raved about the sweet potato fritters, creamy on the inside with a deep fried, crispy shell. One reviewer called them little balls of heaven. The shiitake, carrot, and soy "chicken" dumplings were praised as very tasty. The reviewers who ordered it enjoyed the soup and described it as excellent, very flavorful and spicy, but others who tried it found it too spicy.

Speaking of spicy, the two curry entrees, yellow curry of soy chicken, butternut squash, mushrooms, potatoes, and spinach and yellow curry of soy chicken, butternut squash, mushrooms, potatoes, and spinach could not have the hotness level adjusted. While one reviewer described the level of spiciness as good, most of the reviewers would have preferred it less spicy, or at least be able to adjust the level of spiciness. The Kung Pao soy chicken was found to be too salty by several of the reviewers, although one reviewer described it as good. Generally speaking the appetizers were a bigger hit than the entrees.

The evening we were there Jujube had a vegan dessert, mango sorbet with cayenne. The cayenne dissuaded several people from trying it. The reviewers who did order it described it as very mangoey, without much cayenne flavor. It was served with excellent sugared pecans.

Jujube was highly rated by the reviewers in all but the variety category. Most reviewers said they would return. The service was outstanding, and everyone appreciated the attention the restaurant paid to our needs.