Thanksgiving 1999 Raffle Prizes!

This year, we had an even larger Thanksgiving raffle than in the past. We were lucky to have generous donors; most of the raffle prizes were worth $20-25, and as high as $50!

01) $50 gift certificate at Cafe Parizäde

02) $50 gift certificate at George's Garage

03) Wellspring Chapel Hill $25 gift certificate

04) Wellspring Durham $25 gift certificate

05) Wellspring Raleigh $20 gift certificate

06) Weaver Street Market $25 gift certificate

07) Case of mixed juice from Durham Food Coop

08) Case of mixed refrigerated product from LightLife

09) Canvas bag of Eden Food products (cans, bottles, apron, mitts)

10) Now & Zen's Chocolate Almond Raspberry frozen vegan torte

11) and 12) No Cookies - 4-pack of each of 5 varieties

13-16) No Cookies - 4 bags of 2-packs of each of 5 vars. plus brownie

17-19) 3 cases of 12 mixed cookies from Boston Cookies

20) Basket of gourmet vegan chocolates from Chocolate Decadence

21-23) Three cases of products (cereal, pasta, potato) from Fantastic Foods

24) and 25) Two sets of 3 gift certificates from Yves Veggie Cuisine

26) Tofurky from Turtle Island Foods

27-29) 3 certificates for a dozen bagels from Bruegger's Bagels

30-33) Four 3-packs of SoyNut Butter bottles from I.M. Healthy

34) Maui Massage Arts' 45m therapeutic massage treatment

35) Bart Wendel's "A Massage to Remember" 1 hour massage session

36) $25 gift certificate for 9th Street Dance by TVSer Bepi Pinner

37) $50 gift certificate from Harvest Direct

38) $20 gift certificate from Veg Essentials

39) Gift basket from Great Earth Vitamin Stores

40) and 41) 2 btls HerbaSway HerbaGreen caffeine-free tea concentrate

42-44) Three T-shirts from Amazake beverage donated by Grainaissance

45) Canvas bag of over 30 pounds of Seventh Generation products

46) Vegetable-based soap and bath product basket from Harvest Soaps

47) 12# organic non-animal Yum Yum Mix fertilizer from the manufacturer

48) Sue Havala's book - Idiot's Guide to Being Vegetarian

49) Sue's book - Good Foods, Bad Foods: What's Left to Eat?

50) and 51) 2 copies of Sue's Vegetarian Food Guide & Nutrition Counter

52) and 53) 2 copies of Sue's Being Vegetarian

54) Sue's book Shopping for Health

55) Quail Ridge Books tote bag, reader's club membership (worth $10), and 3 books including The Most Noble Diet: Food Selection and Ethics

56) Book Girl on a Leash: The Healing Power of Dogs, signed and donated by the author, Betty Lim King

57) and 58) Book So, Now What do I Eat? The Complete Guide to Vegetarian Convenience Foods, donated by author, Gail Davis

59) 1-year subscription to Zoophile News Network

60) 3-month 7 days/wk subscription to Durham Herald-Sun worth $40

61) Independent newspaper $25 advertising gift cert.

62) Independent newspaper 20m response time of personals

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