Thanksgiving 2001 Raffle Prizes

This year 71 gifts were donated to the raffle! Winners were drawn during the event.

1) $50 gift certificate at Cafe Parizäde

2) $50 gift certificate at George's Garage

3) $25 gift certificate from Wellspring - Chapel Hill

4) $25 gift certificate from Wellspring - Raleigh

5) $25 gift certificate from Wellspring - Cary

6) $25 gift certificate from Weaver Street Market

7-12) 6 sets of's international vegetarian restaurant discount card (value $10.95)

13) Tofurky Vegetarian Feast from Turtle Island Foods

14) Now and Zen UnTurkey Feast

15-16) 2 sets of Delight Soyfoods' Vegan Tofu Turkey Roll dinners (courtesy of member Lila Chung)

17) Case of mixed products from LightLife

18-19) 2 sets of Yves Veggie Cuisine's book The Good Cook Book with coupon for 1 free product and 4 50 cent coupons

20) Yves Veggie Cuisine's book The Good Cook Book with 6 50 cent coupons

21) 3 free product coupons from Yves

22) 2 free product coupons from Yves

23) The Mail Order Catalog / Harvest Direct $50 gift certificate

24-35) 12 sets of samplers from Blue Diamond - 3 mixed Nut Thins, dozen Almond Breeze

36-41) 6 sets of a 1/2 case mixed Kettle brand Tortilla Chips and Kettle brand Potato Chips

42) Case Kettle brand organic lightly salted Potato Chips

43) Mixed case Stacy's Pita Chips

44-47) 4 sets of 3 bottles mixed flavors Toad Sweat dessert hot sauce (original recipe by member Todd Guiton; Key Lime, Cranberry and Chocolate Orange flavors)

48-50) 3 sets of 3 family packs, one of each variety, of Boston Cookies (to arrive after Thanksgiving)

51) Gift certificate for a dozen of Allison's Cookies (value $24.50)

52) Grand Rounds sampler of Chocolate Decadence vegan chocolates

53) Recycled cotton polo shirt from EcoWeave

54) 5# organic non-animal Yum Yum Mix fertilizer from the manufacturer (to arrive after Thanksgiving)

55-56) 2 sets of a t-shirt from Amazake beverage donated by Grainaissance

57) Case of about 15 mixed products from Earth Friendly Products

58) $50 gift certificate for 9th Street Dance

59) Free yoga session from Yoga for Joy, by Joy Anandi

60) Reiki session ($65 value) by Deb Chamberlain

61) 3-month 7 days/week subscription to Durham Herald-Sun worth $40

62) Tom Regan's Defending Animal Rights worth $25, signed and donated by Tom Regan

63) Joan Dunayer's Animal Equality: Language and Liberation book donated by Ryce Publishing, worth $25

64) Neal Barnard's Turn off the Fat Genes book worth $23.95

65) Book from Lantern Books, The Animals Diary 2002

66) Book from Lantern Books, More Than A Meal: The Turkey in History, Myth, Ritual and Reality by Karen Davis, Ph.D.

67) Book from Lantern Books, Speaking Out for Animals by Kim Stallwood

68-69) 2 sets of 1 book - Lynn Jacobs' Waste of the West

70) 5 books, tote bag, and 1-year Reader's Club membership from Quail Ridge Books ($67.44 value) (books are The Motion of Light in Water by Samuel Delany, Venus Revealed by David Grinspoon, The Woodlanders by Thomas Hardy, Natural Pet Cures by Dr. John Heinerman, and Meditations for a Miserable Millennium by Dan Goodman)

71) Watercolor painting worth $190, donated by Fred Worrell.

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