Thanksgiving 2000 Raffle Prizes

01) $50 gift certificate at Cafe Parizäde

02) $50 gift certificate at George's Garage

03) $25 gift certificate at Wellspring - Chapel Hill

04) $25 gift certificate at Wellspring - Raleigh

05) $20 gift certificate at Wellspring - Cary

06) $25 gift certificate from Weaver Street Market

07-12) Six discount cards for's international vegetarian restaurant ($10.95 value)

13) Tofurky Vegetarian Feast from Turtle Island Foods

14) Now and Zen UnTurkey Feast

15) Case of mixed products from LightLife

16-18) Three cases of mixed products from Fantastic Foods

19) Yves Veggie Cuisine's book "The Good Cook Book" incl. many coupons

20) 3 free product coupons from Yves

21) 2 free product coupons and one fifty cents off coupon from Yves

22) The Mail Order Catalog / Harvest Direct $50 gift certificate

23-30) Eight sets of samplers from Blue Diamond - 9 mixed Nut Thins, dozen Almond Breeze

31-34) Four mixed cases of Kettle Tortilla Chips

35-37) Three sets of 2 bottles of Toad Sweat dessert hot sauce (original recipe by member Todd Guiton)

38-43) Six 4-packs of each of 5 cookies from No Bakery (a division of Delightful Foods) - 20 cookies total in each prize

44-46) Three 12-packs of 3 different varieties of Boston Cookies

47) Gift certificate for a dozen of Allison's Cookies (value $24.50)

48-52) Five sets of coupons for 2 smoothies at Smoothieville

53) Grand Rounds sampler from Chocolate Decadence

54-56) Three 4-packs of snack pack pretzels-soy nut butter from SoyNut Butter Co.

57-58) Two bottles of HerbaGreen caffeine-free tea concentrate from HerbaSway, $24.95 value each

59-60) Two bottles of Liver Enhancer from HerbaSway, $29.95 value each

61) HerbaCafe Dark from HerbaSway

62) 5# organic non-animal Yum Yum Mix fertilizer from the manufacturer

63-68) Six sets of 2 bottles of liquid soap and 2 of moisturizer from Kiss My Face

69-70) Two T-shirts from Amazake beverage donated by Grainaissance

71-72) Two large t-shirts from Cross Roads Apparel "Tofu: The Other White Meat"

73) Case of 14 mixed products from Earth Friendly Products

74) $25 gift certificate at 9th Street Dance

75) Consultation, including X-rays if needed, and adjustment by Dr. Ed Washington of Broad Street Chiropractic (value $70-$135)

76) Free yoga session from Yoga for Joy, by Joy Anandi

77) Maui Massage Arts' 45 minute therapeutic massage treatment

78) Reiki session ($45 value) by Deb Chamberlain

79) Bottle of Cell Tech Acidophilus Probiotic from Deb Chamberlain, $22.50 value

80-81) Two 1 year subscriptions to Zoophile News Network

82) 3-month 7 days/wk subscription to Durham Herald-Sun worth $40

83-85) Three books - Lynn Jacobs' Waste of the West

86) 4 books, tote bag, Reader's Club membership, and 2 bookmarks from Quail Ridge Books ($67.85 value) (books are The Night the Moon Slept (hardcover for kids or adults), The Complete John Silence Stories, Raven 25 Years (collection by Raven Press of the best of South African authors), and International Classical Record Collector's Review)

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