Triangle Vegetarian Society Photo Album

Outer Banks Retreat - August 6-9, 1999

(Recipes for the delicious meals that were served can be found at

Most of our group (we had 30 folks but this picture was taken on Sunday and several people had left by then). Back row: Bart Wendel, Jerry Cook, Jill Harrington. 2nd row: Renee Connelly, Amani Redd, Pauline Cooper, Chris Graham, Brian Donlon (kneeling on R). 3rd row: Kathryn Peterson, Dave and Patrick Connelly. Sitting: Howard and Willow Jeane Lyman, Linda Rubin, Lynda Cozart, Pam Young, Albert Cooper. Very front: Ted Griswold. (Missing: Alison and Rick Scarfe, Ellen and Jonah and Hera Scher-Zagier, Martha Tillman, Donna Hughes, Amy Adler, Mike Donahue, and Dilip Barman, the photographer.)

Howard and Willow Jeane Lyman

Each night we had "circle time" discussions. In these pictures you can see us all listening to Howard speaking. Here are Dave and Donna, along with Howard.

Amy, Jill, Jerry, Ted, Linda, and Amani.

Brian, Ken (behind Ken is a local chiropractor visiting), Jennie, Chris, Bart (with Mike barely visible in the back), and Albert.

Similar to the last picture, with Pauline also visible.

A good close-up of Donna, along with Rick and Alison.

Amy and Mike just before they served their delicious meal on Saturday. See all of the menus and detailed recipes prepared during the wonderful weekend!

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