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Great American Meatout
March, 1999

TVS celebrated the Meatout this year by spending Friday (March 19) at Chapel Hill's Guy Phillips Middle School, introducing 6th, 7th, and 8th graders to vegan cooking; serving a vegan feast on Saturday to about 45 folks at the Durham Rescue Mission; and sponsoring Erik Marcus for a talk about his book, Vegan, the following Thursday.

At Guy Phillips, we worked with Ellen Nisbet's home economic classes. Lila Chung led teams making Soy Dream smoothies, mock chicken nuggets (which she donated), and serving chocolate Soy Dream. Manisha Shah in the morning and Purnima Kotiya and Purnima's friend Rita Mody in the afternoon led students in making hummus. Donna Alison worked with children to prepare vegan burgers and "dogs". Dilip's teams made practically no-fat oven potato chips, thanks to a recipe by Bill Sribney. It was rewarding, and fairly predictable :-), to have some children enter the classroom bemoaning "I can't eat vegetarian" or "yuk - soybeans!" (Lila brought some fresh soybeans for folks to try) or the like, but then have everybody like the food. Some really raved about the dishes they made!



Many TVSers put a lot of time and energy into making Saturday's event at the Durham Rescue Mission a success. Two of our best cooks, Joelle Hendrick and Brian Donlon, made chili. Lila Chung and Susan Olson made rice and mixed vegetables. Amy Muermann worked with her friend Marcia, as well as Pam Woolard and Theresa Poorbaugh to make delicious black bean sweet potato enchiladas. Tracey Walker made a yummy mushroom soup with fresh mushrooms, onions, shallots, and various spices. Ellen Kinsinger was kind enough to donate the ingredients for a lovely salad, and she worked with Anne Zerrilla. Barbara and Jeff Riggs worked with Shelli Fein to make a tasty fruit salad. Marvin and Alisha Mulder led Donna Alison and Pam Young (and Pam brought her sister and sweet little niece Rachel to help!) in making a variety of refreshing fruit sorbets. Finally, we had hearty wheat bread donated from Great Harvest Bread Company in Chapel Hill. Dave, Renee, and Patrick Connelly were on hand at the shelter to help serve the food.



Below are Tracey and Shelli, two of our many cooks at the Durham Rescue Mission.

The Meatout wouldn't have been possible without the work of all of these volunteers and the support of TVS members, or without the generous product and shopping dollar donations of various businesses. Locally, we received generous shopping vouchers from Wellspring and Weaver Street Market. We had products kindly donated by Boca Burger, Worthington Foods, and Imagine Foods. Amy's Kitchen and Tom's of Maine were kind enough to send products/coupons for the volunteers who helped. The biggest thank yous go to those who not only worked on the events but, without any solicitation, offered to help pay for the food - Theresa Poorbaugh, Lila Chung, Ellen Kinsinger, and especially the Riggs who made a sizably generous donation! Thanks, all!

The three pictures below are of our friend and author Erik Marcus speaking at Border's Books in Cary (and laughing at one of Dilip's famous cheese jokes :-) ?).


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