Triangle Vegetarian Society Photo Album

Outer Banks Retreat - Sept 8-11, 2000

(Recipes for the meals that were served will be available soon.)

We had 22 folks including a baby and 3 children, and most of them made it to this group picture. Back row: Rynn Berry, Donna Hughes, Chris Friedrich, Jerry Cook, Renee Connelly, and Dilip Barman. Second row: Karen McCollough holding Gerald (7 months old), Martha Diehl, Francois Nielsen holding Sam (33 months), and Deb Chamberlain. Front: Patrick Connelly (5 1/2), Amani Redd, Manon Baratt, Carrie Conville, and Sudha Iyer holding Claire Nielsen (5). Missing are Ruth Hamilton, Rick Scarfe, Alison Lamp, and the photographer, Dave Connelly.


On the left are the children who came to the retreat. You can see Martha with her children Sam and Claire, Karen with Gerald, and Patrick. On the right is a closeup of Rynn Berry.


Above on the left, Rick and Alison pose next to the dinner they prepared Friday night. On the right, you can see Chris, Sudha, Manon, and Deb next to the dinner prepared for Saturday night.


In the 2 pictures above, you can see Sunday's team of Sudha and Ruth, and the dishes that they prepared.

Above is a closeup of Sunday's dishes. All of the cooking teams served delicious meals!

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