Triangle Vegetarian Society Photo Album

Great American Meatout
March, 2000

Serving Vegan Meals at the
Durham Rescue Mission

As you can see from these pictures, TVS members had a great time cooking and serving their dishes at the Mission. The menu included chili, mushroom soup (several said this was the best mushroom soup they had ever had!), sweet and sour tempeh over brown rice, salad, fruit salad, and sorbet.

Sherry Elliott, Joan Lerner, Kathy Marx, and Lindsay,
a professional chef at the Mission, who helped us
cooking in the Mission's kitchen.

Serving lunch to the Durham Rescue Mission.


Above are Tellie Torres, Donna Hughes, Joan,
Ralph Scallion, and Betsy Newlon serving.

Tellie and Donna

Ralph, Donna, Joan, Sherry,
Tracey Walker, Kathy, and Dilip.

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