Triangle Vegetarian Society Photo Album

Great American Meatout
March, 2000

Serving Vegan Meals at the Durham Rescue Mission
Cooking Vegan Meals With School Children

Two successful events helped celebrate this year's Meatout. On March 18, we cooked and served a delicious vegan feast at the Durham Rescue Mission. You can view pictures of the cooks and servers in action. Then, on March 20, we worked with students at Guy Phillips Middle School in Chapel Hill, showing the children how to cook vegan meals; we focused on the taste, environmental benefit, and wide selection of products available. Pictures taken during the classes are also available. Many generous companies donated their products to help make these events a success. Thanks go to Imagine Foods, Lightlife, Amy's Natural Organic Foods, Neomonde, Weaver Street Market, and Wellspring for donations.

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