Triangle Vegetarian Society Photo Album

Outer Banks Retreat - June 23-26, 2000

(Recipes for the meals that were served can be found at

Each day we had a wide variety of breakfast
self-serve foods, such as bagels, many kinds of cereals,
fruit, oatmeal, different kinds of whole breads and spreads;
juices, coffee, tea, herbal tea, and hot grain drinks.


Each evening after dinner, we had circle time discussions.
Here you can see Alie, Rick, Laura, Marquerite and Donna listening to Howard.


It was great having so many children at the retreat.
Here you can see a few of them - Rachel with her Mom,
the Sorak family, and Mira having fun on a bean bag.

Thanks to Jerry Cook, for hosting the retreat.
And thanks to the Lymans, shown here, for
once again being our special guests.

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