Triangle Vegetarian Society Photo Album

Outer Banks Retreat - June 23-26, 2000

(Recipes for the meals that were served can be found at

Most of our group of 33. We had in the house 17 adults, 1 baby, 6 children, 2 preteens, and 2 teens (total of 28); 2 in the boat; and 3 camping outside the house. Back row: Ian Graham, Willow Jeane Lyman, Barbara Graham, Charlene Flahiff, Howard Lyman (occluded), Brian Donlon, Rick Scarfe, Marquerite Woods, Chris Newlon, Chris Friedrich (holding Gerald Friedrich, almost 5 months old), Jerry Cook, and Arthur Sorak. Next row (kneeling): Lula Vee, Alison Lamp Scarfe, Donna Hughes, Kathy Marx. Next row (seated): Pam Young, Clare Newlon (almost 12), Alyssa Newlon (13), Emily Berner (12), Deb Chamberlain, Laura Chamberlain, Karen McCollough, Bonnie Sorak. Front row: Kim Berner, Mira Newlon (6), Rachel Berner (4), Ryan Sorak (2), Jacob Sorak (5.5). Missing: David Graham (2), Elizabeth Graham (4), and Dilip Barman, the photographer.


Here, Dilip is pictured with Mira, Ryan, Laura,
Gerald, Rachel, and Jacob. In the other photo,
Chris and Laura can be seen sailing on Jerry's boat.


Above, Rick and Alison pose next to the
dinner they prepared Friday night.


In the 3 pictures above, you can see Saturday's
team and the dishes they prepared. They, and all
the other teams, served delicious meals!


Above is Sunday's dinner team along with their meals.
You can see a closeup of their rice paper salad rolls.

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