Please take advantage of what these groups have to offer, and consider supporting them!

Triangle Macrobiotics Association  383-4265 
Feminists for Animal Rights        361-5991
North Carolina Network for Animals 489-2512 / (800)280-NCNA
Orange County Greens               967-4690
Triangle Sierra Club               787-2660
Ethical Culture Society            833-0633


TVS hosts this column in order to introduce sister organizations that our members may be interested in. We hope to foster cross-organizational ties, and ask that if you're a member of a group that TVSers may want to hear about, please let me know. Peace and nonviolence begin with what we eat, and many people choose vegetarianism for its consistency with these qualities. Therefore, I thought featuring a local peace organization would be very interesting. We are planning a joint potluck with the local Peace Action chapters on February 21, 1998; I encourage attendance to hear their presentation.

NC Peace Action
P.O. Box 10384, Raleigh, NC 27605
Ellen Canavan, Pres., Wake County chapter, 467-9302
Lorna Chafe, Pres., Orange County chapter, 942-8245
Annual membership $25 individual, $35 household

Cy King, Board Member, NC Peace Action {787-5461}

Peace Action is the nation's largest peace organization. Members come from all walks of life, religions, races, and ethnicities. What unites us is our commitment to peace. Here in the Triangle, we have two active chapters, Orange County and Wake County Peace Action groups, and are working to establish a Durham affiliate.

We are an organization of volunteers working at local, state, and national levels. Peace Action (formerly known as SANE Freeze) began in 1987 with the merger of the Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy (SANE) and the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign (Freeze). Since 1957, SANE had pressed for an end to the atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons. In the 1980s, Freeze mobilized millions of citizens against the nuclear arms race. In 1993, we changed our name to Peace Action.

Peace Action works to advocate issues such as abolishing nuclear weapons, creating a more peaceful economy, ending weapons trafficking, seeking non-military solutions to international conflicts, and suggesting alternatives to war toys. We publish a quarterly newsletter, support a monthly "Stop the Arms Race" vigil on the Fayetteville St. Mall near the Wake County courthouse in downtown Raleigh, and conduct letter writing campaigns for various issues like ratifying the Chemical Weapons Ban and ceasing the production and use of land mines. We are currently working to abolish Jr. ROTC, a program indoctrinating children to militarism as part of the public school curriculum.

For the past decade, we have joined with other peace and justice groups to sponsor a Peace Booth at the annual 2-week October state fair. Last year at the fair, our own Captain Boomerang was appropriately dressed to dramatize how the sale of weapons abroad often has a boomerang effect when those weapons are used against our own soldiers, as they have been in Haiti, Somalia, Panama, Iraq, and many other countries.

Some of you may have heard about the NASA Cassini launch, scheduled for October 13, 1997, with over 70 pounds of plutonium aboard. Do we need to take our implements of destruction into space? There is grave danger of an accident at launch or when the satellite returns to circle the Earth, and hundreds of thousands of (human and non-human) animals could be exposed to deadly radiation. Now is the time to stop NASA and the Pentagon from the exploitation and environmental destruction of space, and we are encouraging people to write President Clinton and their Senators and Representatives, opposing this and other non-peaceful space missions. For more information on this hot current issue, call 469-0831 to borrow the video Nukes in Space, and/or visit on internet.

We welcome all who share a committment to peace to join us. Vegetarians who abhor violence are our natural allies. Wake County Peace Action meets at 7:30p on the 4{sup}th{/sup} Monday of each month at Community United Church of Christ at Wade Avenue and Dixie Trail in Raleigh. Orange County Peace Action has a monthly board meeting but not at a regular place or time; call Lorna at 942-8245 for details. We are looking forward to the February meeting with TVS to share ideas about peace-making and non-violence, and will present some of our priorities on current issues.