Congratulations to all the new TVS babies! Here are the ones I know about from the last few months.

Charles "Chaz" Darwin Copeland was born June 24th at 4:25p at 8#0oz, 21 1/2" to Valerie and Bill Copeland.

Fritz Hennings was born to Lisa Finlay and Mark Hennings on June 27th, coming in at 6 1/2 pounds.

Karin Yates & Trip Overholt {Earthwares 929-7844 h:910-376-8123; pronounced tie-ya} gave birth to Taya Kalyani Overholt on July 10 at 9:05a, and she was 6# 10oz and 19 1/2" long.

Joseph "Hagen" Craig Stauffer was born to Lisa & Craig Stauffer {929-9827} on July 22nd at 7:48p, weighing 8# 11oz and 20.5" in length.

Emily Gwynneth Langan was born July 26th at 4:19a, weighing in at 7# 5.6oz and 19" long, to Mark Langan & Heather Breaden-Langan.