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FAQ - Payment Questions

Some of the food at Thanksgiving 2005.
Paying for the event

What is the price?

The all-inclusive price is $23.50 for current TVS members, $27.00 for other adults, and $7.00 for children aged 5-10; children younger than 5 eat for free. The prices are the same for the Thanksgiving Day event at Cafe Parizade and the Sunday, November 18 event at Washington Duke Inn.

Since prepayment is required, what are my options for prepaying?

Option #1: Pay by credit card — Make your reservation online and choose the option to pay by credit card. Although you'll make your payment using PayPal, you do not need a PayPal account in order to make a credit card transaction.

Option #2: Pay by check — Make your reservation online or by phone, then mail a check to TVS Thanksgiving, P.O. Box 3364, Chapel Hill, NC 27515-3364. Please mention Thanksgiving in the memo of the check. We need to receive your check by Saturday, November 10. If we do not receive your check by that date, we will be forced to cancel your reservation.

Are refunds available?

Once I make a reservation, can I get a refund if my plans change?

No, refunds are not available. (Just like when you buy tickets for a performance, the tickets are not refundable.) But your reservation is transferable – if necessary, just contact us (by email to or by phone to Brian at 919-370-3220) to let us know to whom we should transfer the reservation if that proves necessary.

Using a membership to pay the lower cost for Thanksgiving

If I want to join TVS or renew my membership in order to pay the lower cost for Thanksgiving, how does that work?

In order to pay the lower cost for Thanksgiving, you must have a TVS membership that will be current on Thanksgiving Day. If not, you can join TVS or renew your membership at the time you make a reservation, which will allow you to pay the lower member price. If you prepay for your Thanksgiving meal with a credit card, one payment will cover your meal and your membership. If you prepay for your Thanksgiving meal using a check, you can use the same check to cover your membership payment. Annual membership is $15 for individuals and $20 for families; 27-month memberships cost double. Student and low-income membership is $10 per year.

If you make your reservation online, just choose the option to join TVS or renew your membership, and the membership cost will be included in your total cost. If you make your reservation by phone, please print the membership form and include this form when you mail TVS your check.

I'm unsure if my membership will be current on Thanksgiving Day. How can I confirm this?

Current TVS members, as well as some lapsed members, should have received a postcard in the mail with a 1-, 2-, 3-, or 4-digit "key code" on the address label. That key code, along with the last name on the label, will enable the reservation system to retrieve your membership status. You may also email Ken at in order to confirm your status.

I'm a member of TVS. Can my out-of-town family members get in with me at member prices?

Yes, they can get in with you at member prices.

Who else can get member prices in my party?

If you're an Individual or Student/Low Income member, the member price only applies to you. If you're a Family member, your immediate family living with you can all get in for member prices. Other local family must pay non-member prices, unless they are visiting you from out-of-town (see previous answer).

Other payment questions

I prefer to pay cash for the event. Is that possible?

We prefer check or credit card. Postal money order is also okay – just treat it as a check. If none of these options is a possibility for you, please contact and we can see if we can have you select "payment by check" and then make arrangements to meet within a few days of your reservation to collect cash.

Can I call the restaurant that I'm eating at directly and give them my credit card number?

No – TVS is processing credit card transactions and collecting all money for the meal in advance. Of course if you buy additional items, like drinks from the restaurant that aren't included, you will have to pay the restaurant directly, and can use a credit card for that.

Can I hold off on giving anyone my credit card number and just bring my credit card to the Thanksgiving event?

No – we need to make sure that the seats are paid for ahead of time, and therefore we'll need your credit card payment at the time you make your reservation.

I would love to come but can't because of difficult financial circumstances. Is there anything that you can do?

We may be able to help! We don't want you to stay away if extenuating circumstances make the cost an issue. Cafe Parizade, for the Thanksgiving Day event, may be able to fully or partially subsidize a small number of meals; please contact us to explain any financial hardship and to see if we can help out.

Photograph from Thanksgiving 2005 courtesy of Keith Dixon of Picture Perfect Photography and Videography Services from South Carolina, and used with his permission. (More pictures available online.)

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