Vegan Thanksgiving Feast and Raffle

Join us for the country's largest vegan Thanksgiving!

The Triangle Vegetarian Society (TVS) in central North Carolina has organized a Thanksgiving feast at an area restaurant since 1993. Our event has become so popular that we believe we've hosted the largest vegan/vegetarian Thanksgiving in the country for the last ten years!

Our 2013 Thanksgiving Day feast will be held at Cafe Parizade in Durham; this will be our 15th consecutive Thanksgiving at this restaurant. Parizade has a gourmet flair for fresh ingredients with Mediterranean influences. Executive Chef Robert Adams has a well-deserved very strong reputation among peers and the dining public, and has proven over and over for us his passion for creating fabulous vegan dishes at Thanksgiving.

For the second year, we will also have an early gala meal before Thanksgiving! On Monday, November 25, we will offer an evening pre-Thanksgiving feast at Kipos Greek Taverna in Chapel Hill. Kipos was opened earlier this year by Parizade founder and owner Giorgios Bakatsias. He brought his sister and childhood friend from Greece to be chefs inspired by childhood Greek meals of simple but flavorful locally grown seasonal ingredients. Like Parizade, it is not a vegetarian restaurant, but Kipos does offer a number of vegan options on its standard menu – and we've been impressed by the freshness and flavor.

Reservations Update

Update: Wednesday, Nov 27, 7:00 PM – Reservations for our Thanksgiving Day feast at Cafe Parizade are closed. No additional seats are available. Thank you for your interest; Happy Thanksgiving!

Special Guests

At TVS Thanksgiving events, all of our guests are special. But this year we wanted to single out a few guests. At the Thanksgiving Day feast, we are honored to have Howard and Willow Jeane Lyman. Howard is one of the best speakers on vegetarianism; formerly a cattle rancher, he is a vegan after surviving a tumor.

We are also excited to have Howard Jacobson as a special guest at the Monday before Thanksgiving event. Co-author with T. Colin Campbell of the new book Whole: Rethinking The Science of Nutrition, he is working on a local 10-day immersion Plant Pure Program.

Both Howards will say a few words at the events. We will also have Tom Regan, a leading animal rights philosopher; a well known nutritionist, Bob LeRoy; and a man often called the father of the modern raw foods movement, Aris LaTham, in attendance. We're lucky to have so many great guests who come to TVS Thanksgiving!


Cafe Parizade


Thanksgiving Day Feast

Pre-Thanksgiving Feast