Triangle Vegetarian Society

Restaurant Review

Cinneli's Pizza (This restaurant is now closed)

(out of 5.0)
Veg. Sensitivity2.9

607 Broad St

Durham, NC 27705


Review Date: February 23, 2002

Reviewers: John Brunn and Kathy Marx

Author(s): Kathy Marx

We only had two reviewers. Cinelli's serves veal, which is unfortunate. The vegetarian toppings we ordered were quite good (half the pizza had one set of toppings; the other half had another set. The service was acceptable, but the order was not quite right. The roasted garlic was supposed to be on only half the pizza, but ended up on most of it. The chef came out and said that the knife (when they sliced the pizza) had "thrown" the garlic onto the other half. However, he did say that he would bring out something else if the pizza was not acceptable. The crust was good. The pizza was slightly expensive ($15 for a medium pizza with 4 toppings). There are several vegetarian pasta dishes.