Triangle Vegetarian Society

Restaurant Review

Xios (This restaurant is now closed)

(out of 5.0)
Veg. Sensitivity4.4

800 West Williams St

Suite 100

Apex, NC 27502


Review Date: April 13, 2007

Reviewers: John Davis, Jody Hamilton-Davis, Ron N., Susan A., Trish A., Ricki Zameck

Author(s): John Davis and Jody Hamilton-Davis

We went to Xios (pronounced Khi-os) on a busy, Friday evening. We were seated right away, since we had made a reservation. Xios is located in the Peakway Market Square in Apex.

Xios, a Mediterranean restaurant, serves a variety of Greek and other Mediterranean foods with both indoor and outdoor seating. The dining room is moderately sized with contemporary d'cor, white tablecloths, and white paper on top of the tablecloths. It features high ceilings and distinctive, modern lighting. Greek music was playing in the background, but not so loud as to be annoying. Several of us thought the patio would be a nice alternative on a warmer evening. Inside the air conditioning was on and it was a little cool.

The menu includes a selection of Vegetarian Mezethes. Mezethes are small dishes similar to tapas. The menu noted that in Greece sharing mezethes is one of the most common social activities. The waiter was helpful in letting us know which of the mezethes were also vegan. Xios' owner came over and spoke with us about the menu, and also talked to us about what was or could be made vegan. They are also offer vegetarian salads and two vegetarian entrees, a vegetarian moussaka for $10, and melitzana iman for $7. The melitzana was a whole grilled eggplant, in tomato sauce, made vegan by ordering it without the feta on top. One reviewer ordered the melitzana, and declared it tender and flavorful.

Our group ordered several vegetarian mezethes. Spanakopita (spinach pie) was described as very good by one reveiwer. A couple of the reviewers ordered skordalia, a spread made with potatoes and garlic and served with beer battered deep fried zucchini. The zucchini were light and crisp, and the spread was good, although one person thought it had too much garlic. The waiter offered to make it with cucumber slices instead of fried zucchini if anyone wanted the dish without the deep fried zucchini. Another dish ordered was gigantes, really large white beans baked in tomatoes and herbs. The owner described them as white beans that looked like they were on steroids. The hummus, a green bean dish called fasolakia, and roasted potatoes, called patates psites were also sampled. One reviewer ordered stuffed grape leaves as an appetizer, and shared them with the table. The owner said the grape leaves (dolmathes) are freshly stuffed and cooked at Xios, not pre-made or frozen.

A couple of the reviewers said the food was somewhat bland, noting the lemon-roasted potatoes did not taste lemony. The hummus was tasty and garlicky, but one reviewer noted it was a little bland as well and did not have the flavor of lemon juice.

Xios offers beer and wine, including a selection of ones from Greece. They have Carolina beers in tap. One reviewer ordered a glass of the house white, a Greek wine, which she said was good.

By and large Xios is a good choice for vegetarians. They offer a variety of vegetarian mezethes in a bright, contemporary environment. The service was good and most of the reviewers rated the restaurant highly in all of our criteria.