Triangle Vegetarian Society

Restaurant Review

Soul Good (This restaurant is now closed)

(out of 5.0)
Veg. Sensitivity4.9

YMCA Building

215 Morgan St

Durham, NC


Review Date: (prior to 1997)

Reviewers: Kathy Marx, Susan Olson, David Erb, Kruti Desai, Mehul Desai, "Blaze", Mark Huebner, Susan O

Author(s): Kathy Marx

Soul Good is a vegetarian cafe and juice bar located in the YMCA lobby in Durham. It features organic vegan food - a hot entree and side dishes, sandwiches, desserts, organic produce, a Saturday brunch, and a large selection of juices, smoothies and health tonics. This is truly a one-of-a-kind cafe in the Triangle area. The owner is dedicated to serving healthful organic food. For a small cafe, the selection is quite abundant. Pricing is reasonable; hot entrees are priced by the pound and vary from day to day. Our review was on a Friday evening, so we all had selections from the hot foods. Items included lentil cabbage soup, nachos & vegan cheese, vegetable stroganoff with brown rice, collard greens, baked tofu filet (imitation fish) with vegan tartar sauce, cornbread, and succotash.