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Restaurant Reviews

The restaurant review group visits restaurants that may not be purely vegetarian, but which offer some vegetarian fare. The restaurant must offer at least one vegan (no dairy or eggs) main course option. Details on how the ratings are calculated are listed at the bottom of this page. Archived reviews for closed restaurants are available; if you have knowledge that any of the restaurants listed below have closed, please contact us.

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CityOverall Rating
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Spotted DogCarrboro4.35/18/07
FioreCary4.2(prior to 1997)
Once in a Blue Moon Bakery and CafeCary4.26/23/01
Tangerine CafeCary4.11/15/10
Breadman's DinerChapel Hill4.05/1/98
Cafe Trilussa
(See also Trilussa la Trattori)
Chapel Hill4.0(prior to 1997)
Lime & BasilChapel Hill4.39/10/04
Oriental Garden
(First of two reviews)
Chapel Hill4.1(prior to 1997)
Sage CafeChapel Hill4.411/22/03
Thai PalaceChapel Hill3.6(prior to 1997)
VespaChapel Hill3.91/13/01
Trilussa la Trattoria
(See also Cafe Trilussa)
Chapel Hill4.34/16/05
Jujube RestaurantChapel Hill4.11/18/08
Red Lotus Asian Kitchen and BarChapel Hill4.010/21/06
Oriental Garden
(Second of two reviews)
Chapel Hill4.32/27/09
AnotherthymeDurham2.7(prior to 1997)
Blue Corn Cafe
(First of two reviews)
Saladelia CafeDurham3.6(prior to 1997)
Pop's RestaurantDurham3.8(prior to 1997)
Pulcinella'sDurham4.3(prior to 1997)
Regulator CafeDurham4.5(prior to 1997)
RicciDurham3.8(prior to 1997)
Sitar India PalaceDurham4.54/8/01
Thai LannaDurham4.23/29/08
Twisted NoodlesDurham4.47/21/07
Thai CafeDurham3.84/30/09
Green LeafDurham4.08/20/09
Blue Corn Cafe
(Second of two reviews)
General Store CafePittsboro3.97/11/09
Irregardless Cafe
(First of two reviews)
Raleigh3.9(prior to 1997)
Irregardless Cafe
(Second of two reviews)
Raleigh4.0(prior to 1997)
Las MargaritasRaleigh3.2(prior to 1997)
Mellow MushroomRaleigh3.91/31/04
Neomonde Bakery & DeliRaleigh4.2(prior to 1997)
Que Huong RestaurantRaleigh3.411/13/97
Second Nature CafeRaleigh4.010/13/00
Simple PleasuresRaleigh3.411/7/99
Zest Cafe & Home ArtRaleigh4.24/1/97
Sawasdee Thai RestaurantRaleigh3.69/17/10

We judge a restaurant by the following five categories:

The rating in each category goes from 1-Exceptionally bad, to 5-Exceptionally good. The overall numerical ranking of the restaurant is a weighted average of the individual scores in the categories. The categories are weighted as follows: Food - 30%, Variety - 30%, Vegetarian Sensitivity - 20%, Price - 15%, Service - 5%.

TVS does not officially endorse any of the establishments listed here; our reviews are simply a public service for the vegetarian community. They are based on the experiences of a small group of people for one meal at the restaurant.