If you become a member of TVS, you'll be able to pay a lower cost for Thanksgiving.

By becoming a member, you can support the activities of TVS, get a discount at Thanksgiving, and receive e-newsletters. Members of any type are entitled to pay member prices for out-of-town family members who are coming to Thanksgiving, and those with family memberships can also pay member prices for their immediate family. (Others who are a part of your reservation would be charged the non-member price.)

Please choose one of these two options:

1) I want to become a member now and pay the lower cost for Thanksgiving. (Annual memberships cost $15 for individuals, $20 for families, and $10 for students. 27-month memberships cost $30 for individuals and $40 for families.)
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2) I don't want to become a member at this time. I'll pay the higher cost for Thanksgiving.
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