Update on Campaign to Stop NCSU's Proposed Slaughterhouse

Ellen Bring, Pres. & Founder, FFECP

In the last issue (v11#2) of the Grapevine, I introduced the Factory Farming Economic Conversion Project (FFECP), which I formed "to help individuals and communities that are financially dependent upon factory farms and slaughterhouses to develop economic alternatives that are cruelty-free and environmentally sustainable; provide public education on the ethical, health, and environmental benefits of a vegan diet; and create more sanctuaries for "farm" animals rescued from factory farms, auctions, and slaughterhouses" (v11#2, page 4). I also mentioned our fight against North Carolina State University, which chose its veterinary school campus to be the site for a $5.5 million slaughterhouse ("meat processing laboratory").

Since that article, the Raleigh Board of Adjustment upheld the Zoning Enforcement Officer's interpretation that this project doesn't violate Raleigh's zoning ordinance which prohibits the construction of slaughterhouses within city limits. This past November, an appeal was filed in Wake County Superior Court, and no hearing date has been set yet because, apparently, the court is backlogged. According to Raleigh's administrative regulations, this issue cannot be acted upon by the City Council until the judicial process concludes.

So, for now, the issue is tied up in court. Please let the soon-to-be NCSU chancellor, Marye Ann Fox, know what you think about the proposed slaughterhouse - isn't a veterinary school a place where animals are taken care of? Can't they use the $5.5 million for more compassionate causes like scholarships, health services, rural veterinary care, and spay/neuter programs? You can write to her at NCSU, Office of the Chancellor, Box 7001, Raleigh 27695-7001.

Surely, NCSU never contemplated that a small group of people could halt its multi-million dollar killing floor, but we did. If you would like to get involved or send a donation, please contact me at P.O. Box 51412, Durham, NC 27717, 403-0748, or by email at ffecp@juno.com.