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The Triangle Vegetarian Society was founded in 1986 in the Triangle (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill) area of North Carolina to promote the nutritional, ethical, environmental, and other aspects of vegetarianism. Open to all, we aim to build a sense of community among people of varying interests in plant-based diets, encouraging healthy, sustainable, and peaceful lifestyle choices.

We have at least two events a month - a restaurant review and at least one "potluck" meal. Some of our potlucks are purely social, while many feature a talk, panel discussion, or demonstration -- perhaps, for example, a local environmental or social justice group describing their view of issues related to ecological justice, an internationally known speaker presenting a new book or theory of nutrition, or TVS partnering with another group to present a panel discussion of ethics.

Our restaurant review group meets every month at an area restaurant and evaluates the establishment's food and service from a vegetarian point of view.

How to Join

Join the Triangle Vegetarian Society and participate in activities with other vegetarians! Our membership is open to all vegetarians as well as to those who, while not vegetarians, desire to support the group. Just print out the form below, and send along with your check to TVS, P.O. Box 3364, Chapel Hill, NC 27515-3364. Checks should be made payable to Triangle Vegetarian Society.





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Annual Membership:    Individual($15)  Family($20)  Student($10)

27-Month Membership:  Individual($30)  Family($40)

PLEASE CIRCLE ONE:    New Member       Renewal

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                      Ovo-Lacto        Non-Vegetarian

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