Friday, January 1, 2010 - 2:00 pm
New Year's Day Hike (non-TVS event)

The Eno River New Year's Day Hike is as traditional to the Triangle's first day of the year as black-eyed peas and resolutions. Each year on January 1st the Eno River Association sponsors a fun-filled afternoon of guided hikes, refreshments and merriment. This year they will offer two hike options, a longer 4-5 mile hike as well as a shorter, approximately 2 mile route. There will be something for everyone, so come one, come all and enjoy New Year's Day at the Eno!

Dilip Barman (TVS president) and his family will be attending the hike; if you are interested in getting something to eat before and/or after the hike, please RSVP to Dilip (

Friday, January 15, 2010 - 7:00 pm
Restaurant Review, Tangerine Cafe

2422 SW Cary Parkway, Cary (see a map), 468-8688
Tangerine serves Thai and other Asian dishes, with vegetarian items marked on the menu. It is in the Parkway Pointe Shopping Center, next to Ace Hardware.

The group is limited to seating for 15, so please RSVP soon, if you plan to attend, by emailing Michael and Lucy. There is limited seating, so please do not RSVP Yes unless you're sure you can attend. No matter your eating preference, we ask that you order vegetarian or vegan for the purposes of the review. Please bring your own earth-friendly container(s) for potential take-home food.

Saturday, January 16, 2010- 7:00 pm
Potluck and music night
(Potluck FAQ)
Carmen Chasteen's home
747 Buck Branch Rd, Pittsboro (see a map)
Vegan only, please. After we eat, Carmen, who is from Columbia and a lover of singing and dancing, will sing a few folk songs, including a Columbian Cumbia and an Argentinian Los Hosnros in milonga rhythm. If you can, bring an instrument; she will have some rhythm instruments available. You're also welcome to contribute a song!

Saturday, February 13, 2010 - 7:00 pm
Joint potluck with Triangle Vegan Action (vegan food only, please)
(Potluck FAQ)
Durham Friends Meetinghouse
404 Alexander Avenue, Durham (see a map and directions)
The potluck is on as scheduled. Questions: contact Brandon Becker at 608-3947
Triangle Vegan Action Meetup

Saturday, March 27, 2010 - 7:00 pm
Potluck Dinner
(Potluck FAQ)
Kay and Ryan Bond's home in Chapel Hill
Please RSVP via email to Kay at or via phone to Dilip at 943-8784.

Saturday, April 17, 2010 - 6:30 pm
Potluck Dinner
(Potluck FAQ)
Jodi & Bill O'Neill's home
118 Turquoise Creek Dr, Cary (see a map)

Wednesday, April 28 - 5-8 pm
Talk by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
(non-TVS event)
Joel Fuhrman, M.D., is giving a talk at the Durham Marriott next to the Carolina Theatre on 201 Foster Street in downtown Durham. The talk is free to the public, but seats must be reserved; full details.

Dr. Fuhrman, a former member of the U.S. World Figure Skating Team, is one of the nation's leading experts on nutrition and natural healing, and has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows. He is a board-certified family physician who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional and natural methods, focusing on plant-based foods. He is the author of a number of well known books, such as "Eat To Live: The Revolutionary Plan for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss", "Disease-Proof Your Child", and the two-volume "Eat For Health".

Saturday, May 1 - Monday, May 3
Visit by George Eisman, R.D. (multiple events taking place)

See photos taken during George Eisman's visit.
George Eisman, RD, a pioneer in educating people on the benefits of plant-based diets, on very short notice found he would be able to visit our area during his tour about "Lowering Cancer Risk with Plant-Based Eating". George is a registered dietitian and college instructor who created the first college credit classes about vegetarian nutrition. He is an expert at the ethical and health aspects of vegetarianism. Nutrition Director of The Coalition for Cancer Prevention based in New York, he is author of "The Most Noble Diet" and "Don't Let Your Diet Add to your Cancer Risk". He has taught nutrition at the college and university level since 1980.

Saturday, May 1 - 7:00 pm
After we eat, George will give a talk, "The Truth About Dairy" (see the poster). Confused about what are the best dairy products to choose? Low-fat vs.skim? Organic? Soy? Learn from a Registered Dietitian with more than 32 years of experience why he uses no dairy products. Raleigh Friends Meeting House at 625 Tower St in Raleigh near Cameron Village. (See a map.)

Sunday, May 2, 1:00 pm

Sitar India Cuisine, 3630 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd near South Square Mall in Durham. (See a map.) Please RSVP to Dilip ( if you want to attend. After we eat, George will give a talk, "How to be a Healthy Vegetarian or Vegan".

Monday, May 3 - 5:30-6:30 pm
"Lowering Cancer Risk with Plant-Based Eating" (see the poster). Learn which foods lower cancer risk and which foods elevate risk, and how to substitute one for the other without risking nutritional deficiencies. Large conference room of the Parkwood Branch of the Durham Public Library (5122 Revere Rd in Durham between Southpoint Mall and the intersections of route 55 and 54). Please RSVP to Dilip ( if you would like to go out to dinner afterwards.

Saturday, May 15, 2010 - 7:00 pm
Potluck and talk on Judaism and Vegetarianism
(Potluck FAQ)
Barry Nakell's home
149 Dixie Drive, Chapel Hill (see a map)
When eating slows down, Barry Nakell will speak on the topic of Judaism and Vegetarianism. Please be mindful of parking only in the driveway or in front of the house; there should be ample parking. Also, Barry kindly requests that all please leave their shoes at the entrance of the home.

From East of Chapel Hill, take I-40 W to exit 266, L onto Hwy 86, pass Weaver Dairy Rd after a few lights then a light at Westminister, get in L turn lane and turn L at Stateside, in 1 block R onto Dixie Dr, and the house is on the left at #149, 3-4 blocks on the L.

From West of Chapel Hill, take I-40 E to exit 266 and turn R onto Hwy 86, then follow directions as above.

From downtown Chapel Hill, take Columbia St north - it will become MLK Blvd (previously known as Airport Rd), pass Estes Dr / Piney Mountain Rd / and Homestead Rd then take the first R onto Dixie Ln, in 1 block R onto Dixie Dr, then find the home at #149, 2-3 blocks ahead on the L.

Saturday, June 26 - 8:00 pm
Potluck picnic and film (vegan food only, please)

Join us for a potluck picnic and film. Raleigh's NC Museum of Art hosts outdoor movies and picnicing is allowed. Tickets are available starting at 7 pm for $4 (free for members). On this night, the film will be Up in the Air (Rated R).

Let's meet at 8:00 near the box office. Please RSVP to Dilip at, so he can keep an eye out for you. Like with all potlucks, please label your ingredients but, since it may be difficult to focus on labels, we ask that all items be vegan.

Please review the event website for details on what items can be brought. As of this posting, bringing alcohol is prohibited, though it will be available for sale. Glass containers are not allowed nor unsealed beverage containers.

Sunday, July 4 - 5 pm
Fourth of July Vegan Potluck
(Potluck FAQ)
Beth Levine's home in North Raleigh (if you want to attend and need directions please email Beth at or call her at 845-3035 or 418-7007)
Join us for a Fourth of July potluck at the home of one of our members in North Raleigh. (Vegan recipes only, please.) Bring a favorite board game if you wish. Guests may arrive at 5 pm, and we'll begin eating at 5:30. Then after eating, guests can play board games, walk on the nearby Capital Area Greenway, or just hang out and talk. Some may be interested in leaving at 8 pm for fireworks, but guests are also welcome to stay and hang out at Beth's home as late as they would like. As with all TVS potlucks, please bring a list of ingredients that are in your dish.

Thursday, August 26
Rynn Berry speaking at area schools

Rynn Berry (see our August 28 event) will be speaking at several area schools, where he will focus on nutritional aspects of raw foods. If you would like to attend one of these school events, please email Dilip Barman.

Saturday, August 28 - 7:00 PM
Vegan Potluck and Rynn Berry speaking on history of raw foodism

Durham Friends Meetinghouse
404 Alexander Avenue, Durham (see a map and directions)
After we eat, Rynn will talk about the history of raw foodism. He will be bringing some of his books with him, so if you are interested, you can purchase a signed copy. Please bring a vegan dish to share, along with a place setting for yourself and any utensils needed to serve your dish. If possible, please make your dish raw; some sample recipes are available. Our links page has a section on raw foods, and many online recipes are available, such as at,, and by searching at But don't let any of this deter you – pick up some fresh juice, slice up some vegetables, or bring a favorite vegan cooked dish of yours if you prefer.

Rynn is a lecturer at New School for Social Research in New York City, and will speak on the history of raw foodism based on his new book that he has co-authored with Brenda Davis and Vesanto Mellina, "Becoming Raw: The Essential Guide to Raw Vegan Diets". Mr. Berry is author of five additional books, including "Food for the Gods" and "Famous Vegetarians", and is in pre-press with a book called "Fruits of Tantalus: A History of Vegan Rawfoodism and the Origins of Cooking". He is the author of the entry on the history of vegetarianism in the United States in the forthcoming "Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink". He is a well known lecturer on these and related topics, and has spoken in venues around the world. Mr. Berry is historical advisor to the North American Vegetarian Society and is on the Advisory Board of Earth Save.

Friday, September 17 - 7:00 PM
Restaurant Review, Sawasdee Thai Restaurant

6204 Glenwood Ave., Suite 120, Raleigh (see a map), 781-7599
For our next review, we are going out of our usual Durham/Chapel Hill territory due to several requests that we do a review of Sawasdee, the Thai restaurant on Hwy. 70 (Glenwood Ave.) in Raleigh.

The group is limited to seating for 15, so please RSVP soon, if you plan to attend, by emailing Michael and Lucy. There is limited seating, so please do not RSVP Yes unless you're sure you can attend. No matter your eating preference, we ask that you order vegetarian or vegan for the purposes of the review. Please bring your own earth-friendly container(s) for potential take-home food.

Saturday, September 18 - 4:00-5:30 PM
"Experience Raw" Food Class (non-TVS event)

Hillsborough Yoga and Healing Arts
1812 Becketts Ridge Drive, Hillsborough (see a map)
Join us to learn how to incorporate tasty plant-based natural foods into your diet and lifestyle. This class gives you steps for obtaining optimum health and will highlight the health benefits of whole, unprocessed raw “gourmet” foods. See the flyer.

Sunday, September 26
Potluck and Carrboro Music Festival

For September, our potluck moves to an area treat, the 13th annual Carrboro Music Festival. There are expected to be 160 different musical performers, spanning a wide variety of music, at 25 venues throughout Carrboro - and it's all free! Contact Dilip ( if you would like to get together for a potluck at the event by Friday the 24th. Those interested will pick a time and place to meet, perhaps on the Weaver Street Market Lawn or at one of the other outdoor venues, to share some food.

October 1-6, 2010
39th World Vegetarian Congress, Jakarta

For details, see the Congress' website:

World Farm Animals Day Saturday, October 2
World Farm Animals Day

World Farm Animals Day (WFAD), observed on (or around) October 2nd, is dedicated to exposing, mourning, and memorializing the more than 58 billion cows, pigs, turkeys, chickens, and other land animals who needlessly suffer and die every year in the world's factory farms and slaughterhouses.

Sunday, October 3 - 4:00 pm
Blessing of Animals at Duke Chapel

Duke University West Campus, lawn in front of Duke Chapel
Near the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, a spiritual patron of animals and nature, humans and non-humans of all kinds will gather for a time of reflection and celebration of our common life. We will be encouraged toward that goal by musicians, speakers, and animal advocacy groups from the Triangle. As always, TVS will be there with a literature table. Join us! For further information, please visit the event website. (Rain date is October 10 at 4:00 pm.)

Friday, October 8 - 6:30 PM
"Meal from the Market" fundraiser for Durham Central Park
(this is a non-TVS event hosted by a TVSer)
Sue Andresen's and Brand Fortner's home
Solterra Co-Housing Community, Durham
Some of you may know that we are hosting a "Meal from the Market" on Oct. 8 as part of a fundraiser for Durham Central Park. We are offering a five-course (vegan) meal, served in our home, along with a tour of the Solterra co-housing community in Durham. We believe that Durham Central Park is a cause worth supporting and hope you will join us. Tickets are $30 per person. Go to the link above and scroll down to Oct. 8 for more information, the full menu, and to sign up.

October 2010
Bull City Vegan Challenge

This is a non-TVS event but a remarkably good idea that we encourage all to participate in!

There seems for some years to be a growing momentum for vegetarian and vegan offerings at restaurants everywhere. Durham is the site of the annual TVS Thanksgiving feast, the country's largest (almost 650 at one extended seating and almost 150 at an evening seating in 2009, for example). In addition, Chef Shirlé has been hosting very popular vegan brunches in Durham.

Chef Shirlé and Eleni Vlachos, a local documentary filmmaker and musician, have organized the Bull City Vegan Challenge 2010 (BCVC). Ten Durham chefs will be adding a vegan entree, appetizer, and/or dessert to their menu for the month of October and participating diners will be able to vote on their favorite dishes. A documentary film is also planned after the event.

Check out the competing dishes and chefs/restaurants, as well as the good press that this is generating locally and nationally. Then pick one, several, or (ideally!) all ten restaurants and see what great vegan food local chefs can serve!

Saturday, October 23 - 7:00 pm
Joint potluck with the Ethical Humanist Society of the Triangle
(Potluck FAQ)
Durham Friends Meetinghouse
404 Alexander Avenue, Durham (See a map and directions)
After the potluck, Loren Hart, Jimmy Efird, and Calley Gerber from TVS and James Coley, Jan Broughton, and Chris Kaman of the Ethical Humanist Society of the Triangle will be on a panel to discuss their views of ethics. This has been an exciting event the last thirteen years!

Saturday, November 13 - 7:00 pm
Vegan Potluck Dinner
(Potluck FAQ)
Home of Jenny and Guy Finn
101 Boland Way, Knightdale, 27545 (see a map)
Vegan food only, please. You're encouraged to bring hand instruments; the Finns will light a fire and have a drum circle. For directions, you can use the map link above. Any questions, please call 919-389-7393 or 919-217-5767.

Thursday, November 18 - 7:00 pm
This Land Is Their Land with David Cantor at NCSU
(non-TVS event)
NCSU Talley Student Center
4th Floor, Green Room
2610 Cates Avenue, Raleigh
David Cantor, Responsible Policies for Animals - "Humans, among Earth's newest species, act like Earth's only inhabitants. The problem doesn't start with suburban sprawl, factory farming, and rainforest destruction, devastating as their impacts are on humans and other animals. For many thousands of years, humans have lived apart from their original habitat and way of life – in ever-increasing numbers. Impacts are everywhere, always, but barely recognized. Big human problems – disease, war, poverty, hunger, animal use, global warming, and other ecosystem disruption – link to existing land-use policy and lack of needed policy. Consider this unique perspective, thoroughly researched by a long-time writer, advocate, and educator – leave with a new concept of where you've been and where you're going."

David Cantor, a full-time rights advocate with two decades' animal-advocacy experience, founded Responsible Policies for Animals (RPA) in 2002, runs RPA's This Land Is Their Land campaign and its 10,000 Years Is Enough campaign to get our universities out of the meat industry, is preparing the first-ever news-industry guide for reporting on animals, has published countless articles and letters, and contributed chapters to A Primer on Animal Rights, The Great Ape Project, and Voices from the Garden: Stories of Becoming a Vegetarian.

This event is presented by Triangle Vegan Action and Students Promoting Animal Rights Collectively. More information.

Thursday, November 25
Annual Thanksgiving Feast at Café Parizäde

For the twelfth year in a row, we are returning to Café Parizäde in Durham for our Thanksgiving Feast. See the Thanksgiving event page for details.

Saturday, December 11, 2010 - 7:00 pm
Annual TVS Holiday Party potluck and white elephant gift exchange
(Potluck FAQ)
Barry Nakell's home
149 Dixie Drive, Chapel Hill (see a map)
After we eat, we will, as has become tradition, have a low-/no-cost simple gift exchange – please bring something, wrapped, from around the house that you no longer use that others may find valuable; please bring one present per person. (If you decide to purchase a gift, please do not exceed $10.)

Friday, December 31, 2010 - 6:00 pm
New Year's Eve party

Foster Family home
1409 Enchanted Oaks Dr, Raleigh 27606 (see a map)
We traditionally volunteer for First Night daytime children's activities, have a vegan pizza party, and return to enjoy First Night. Please contact Dilip if you would like to volunteer.

This year, Dallas and Lisa Foster and their family will be hosting the party. They are about 15 minutes from downtown. We will have vegan pizza donated by Lilly's. Please feel free to bring complementary food such as starters, green salad and dessert or drinks (juices and spritzers will be provided). Please RSVP to

If coming from First Night, follow signs for 40W to exit 297 for Lake Wheeler Rd, and turn L onto Lake Wheeler. Go 3.8 miles and turn R at Enchanted Oaks; their home will be on the L at 1409.

Coming from RTP and points West, take 40E to exit 295 and turn R onto Gorman St. Make an almost immediate L onto Tryon Rd. In 1.3 miles, turn R onto Lake Wheeler and then in 2.4 miles R at Enchanted Oaks - they will be on the L at 1409.


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